I have explained about blogs and their features in past. Now I Have to point out certain things to new bloggers. Blogging is a world of web opportunities and we should study how it works? What are the necessary steps to be taken? And how to get started?

BLOGGER-  A person who publishes posts in a blog is known as a blogger. There may be only a single or may be multiple bloggers for a blog.

BLOGGING- The process of publishing posts that may be pictures, videos, articles. . . .by a Blogger in a blog is known as a blogging.

                                           Beginners should be very careful while choosing a blog topic. The topic should be very popular one and only popular posts can get the attention of readers and drive good traffic. Most of the good blogs concentrate on a single topic and this remains the best important secret of their success. So now choose a good topic and start creating newly relevant posts.

                             New Bloggers should be very patient as there will be only a few visitors at the beginning. You should post more and more relevant posts day by day. Thus your blog creates more chance of driving visitors. You should post sharable content, thus it creates more traffic. Integrate Facebook , Twitter, Google+,  Linkedin , Digg this,...... as many social websites.

                             In the beginning you will receive only very low traffic. Hence you will not get qualified for most of the Earning Programs. It requires time. When you get a good traffic not less than 1,000 visitors/month, You will get qualified for different Earning Programs. Getting good traffic depends upon your topic, posts, Design, Layout, widgets, search engine optimization.........

                                       A good design and layout is also an important factor for good traffic. Your blog should be very interactive. You should have certain common widgets like related post widget, share widget, recent post widget, news letter widget, blog archive, popular post widget, ........... You should include a subscription link.

                                       You should be very attentive to your blog and blog readers. You should update your blog activities. You give replies to the comments as fast as possible. You should post new articles at least once in week.  Avoid unwanted posts, widgets, links, images...... You should make your blog so attractive thus visitors like to share and book mark your blog special to him.
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  1. Nice post...keep it up..i started blogging newly and dont have enough traffic..i would appreciate it if you mentor me to be a good blogger...the blog is an entertainment blog and here is the name ..

    1. sure u will get my free assistance at any time.....