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  Encourage Comments!

                              Encourage comments on your blog! And respond to the comments you get as fast as possible. This can make you and your blog more professional and Dynamic. In turn readers will get impressed on your attention you pay to the readers and they will Bookmark your blog for further reference and also share it through the web using Social Networking Sites. This will build a great audience.

                                         The readers may post their ideas , appreciation , doubts , questions , their experience , feedback or something else with you and your readers. This will be useful for you to improve better and better. Your readers can also go through the comments posted in each article and your responds to the same. So they gets more information with more clarity.
Discourage Links!

                  Its better to avoid Links in comments , spamming comments , bad language , unwanted comments , unrelated comments to the topic of the article , repetition of the same comments , etc Because it will make your blog comments spammy and readers get bored.

                                         The presence of links to other sites in your blog will take the readers who all click on that particular link to another site and  this will reduce your page views/ visitors rate and in turn your traffic. So discourage links in your blog post comment area.

Delete Spammy Comments!

                         It is an important part to manage the comments you receive on your blog post articles. You should delete spammy comments as soon as possible. They spoil the beauty of your blog and the Goodwill.

Facebook Comments! 
                           Facebook comments can make your blog posts to be famous in facebook very easily. You can get facebook comments quickly compared to other comment types. 

Google+ Comments!

                                Google+ has huge number of blog readers and bloggers who interested in new blog posts daily and update. So here you can exploit them and build a large audience with Google+ comments and readers within a short period of time.

Disqus Comments!

                                 Disqus comments reduces spamming and links in comments. It also spreads your blog post over the web. But compared to other comment area this gets only limited number of comments.

                            You can provide smileys in-order to make your comments more attractive and outstanding. Avtar's are also a good choice for making the comments and the comment area eye-catching. Making it attractive and outstanding will make readers to post comments obviously
and this will bring huge number of comments and also bring a great traffic
                                    You should provide a Robot checking service in-order to reduce spam in your blog comments. Either provide a captcha solution , arithmetic operation or a tick box to confirm whether it is human or robot.

Make Money                                                                                            Make Money

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