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                                  Yes, i believe you are familiar with Google's Penguin and its role in SEO. Google had brought a new change to the world of web seo with updating Google penguin with new algorithm with the intention to stop Keyword Bombing using software's and by some other techniques. In past years many of the webmaster's and SEO agents have done this for long time, this affected the real and Good seo companies adversely. So they have made a decision to put an end to it and digg out Professional Seo.

                                     Yes, many webmaster's and seo companies were shocked when google updated their policies in Link Building and Keyword SEO. As soon as after the update a number of websites became victims of google penguin attack in a few days. 

                                        Be-careful while creating huge number of backlinks to your site for good search engine results and position and in turn huge organic traffic to your site. You will waste your time, effort, and money if you do so.
Creating backlinks with the intention of Keyword bombing and to get traffic will affect adversely.

                                       Keyword Bombing means pasting your website or blog url in other websites/blogs with hyperlinking keywords using HTML/JavaScripts in comments or something like that. We have shown an example below:


<a href="
">Make Money , Blogging Tips</a>

                                    It will display the keyword you
have entered in the Script and this highlights and drive traffic
to your site and at the same time will get good position in
the Search results. The above code will be displayed as
shown below:
                   Make Money , Blogging Tips

                                 Above method brings traffic to the
targeted website/blog but this will be randomly checked by
Google's Penguin and you will be penalized. What should be
done if you are penalized? Click Here How to easily escape
from goole penguin attack before being penalized and getting
depressed. Click Here

                              Google penguin doesn't encourage too
many artificial and low quality low pagerank backlinks. It is
very much enough if you have only a few number of
Backlinks to get better position in search results. But for that
it the baclinks you have should be of good quality and good
pagerank. If you go on creating cheap low quality backlinks
to your site  you will be penalized.

                                        Google insist webmaster's to build High Quality Baclinks from High Page Rank websites/blogs. It's not compulsory to have huge number of backlinks to your page to get top positions in Search Engine Results , With a few High Quality Backlinks you can make
better search results for your web page over the world wide web. They looks Quality  but not the Quantity Of backlinks and the SEO behind your  web content.

                                     So don't waste your good time on
making cheap quality backlinks to your site/blog. Be a
proffesional in what you are doing with or else you will regeret later for wasting your time. 

Make Money                                                                                            Make Money

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