How Bidvertiser Adnetwork can Make you Earn Good Money? See Perfect Review!!

                                                                                                                              Here we will see How Bidvertiser Adnetwork can Make you Earn Good Money A detailed perfect review on Bidvertiser.You can earn something working with Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser is a pay per click network. It was created by a company named Bpath n 2003. Bidvertiser provides website owners, the ability to sell their adspace directly to advertisers. Website owners can sell their adspace to the highest bidder on a price-per-click basis. Here, the price mainly depends upon the quality and popularity of the website. Advertiser can place ads directly on websites of their choice.


                            Earnings solely depend on the number of clicks visitors made from your site. More the number of clicks more are the number of points you earn. They call these points revenue points. You will not be able to know the number of clicks your ads received, since they serve CPM (Cost per mile) ads as well.

                     You can earn good earnings from Bidvertiser provided you keep the following things in mind:
    * Use best paying keywords
    * Place ad in proper place
    * Choose the right format

·       Sign Up process is quite easy
·       Easy installation of ads
·       Toolbar options
·       Easy withdrawal of money
·       On time payment
·       XML search feed available

PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal, Wire transfer, Cheque, Western Union.

PAYMENT TERMS: 10$ for paypal and 50$ for cheque which are paid every 30 days.


                    Their ad formats include text ads, toolbars and XML feed ads. Any standard size including banners, rectangles, towers can be used. They also provide mobile optimized ads which are visible only to mobile users. The toolbar option helps visitors to search the web and your website. You can place their sponsored ads in your search result using XML feed ads.

Control Panels: They have a wide range of formats, which includes 728*90 leaderboard, 468*60 banner, 234*60 half banner, 120*240 vertical banner, 160*600 skyscraper, 120*600 skyscraper, 300*600 half page, 300 *250 rectangle, 336*280 large rectangle, 180*150 rectangle, 240*400 vertical rectangle and 125*125 button.

                                        The one different thing about Bidvertiser format is its free design. It allows you to specify the length and width of the ad. You can specify your own dimensions with a set minimum of 120*60. To modify the color or size of the ad, all you need to do is edit the ad code in the Bidvertiser control panel and this control panel takes care of the rest.There is also an option of specifying geographical areas where you want the ads to be shown up.


                     It is seen that sometimes, Bidvertiser use third party ads in order to improve the fill rate. The problems with these are that, some of them are of low quality and some of them (download now/play now ads) may be deceiving for the visitors.


                    Whenever contacted through email, their response will be quick. But the mails are usually a one liner and it does not resolve the problem.


                                Bidvertiser does well when compared with other major advertising networks. Their bright sides are areas like ad customization, and they attain high bids they attain with their advertisers for selling ad space.

                  Their most remarkable feature is found to be their payment option. They do have to rectify complaints ad impressions and clicks not being counted.

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